Polarputki aims to be the market leader in its sector. With our staff focused on expertise and service, we ensure that the needs of our clients are met.


Since 1973, Polarputki Oy has provided the Finnish mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, power plant and steel sectors with products and services supplementing Finnish steel production. Our clients include manufacturing companies, component suppliers, industrial subcontractors, and installation businesses.

Polarputki’s main product groups are seamless steel tubes, round bars, hydraulics, process piping products, and stainless steel. Our modern Steel Service Centre enables us to flexibly supply products cut to size, also in small batches. For goods in stock, we guarantee a quick delivery anywhere in Finland. Additionally, we can offer a wide range of products to suit each client individually. Our ISO 9001 quality system was approved by Lloyd’s Register on September 22, 1995 and was updated to ISO 9001:2008 in April 2010.

Polarputki is a leading company in its sector. With our staff focused on expertise and service, we ensure that the needs of our clients are met.

We look forward to working with you!


Established in 1973

Thyssenkrupp Materials Services GmbH, 50%, since 1977
Heléns Rör AB 50%, since 1994

Net Sales 53 M €

Tonnes Own sales 26,000 tonnes

Staff 57 persons


Polarputki follows principles of sustainable development. We have implemented a systematic, certified quality system according to ISO 9001 in consent with international standards and regulations since 1995.

Since March 2014 we have implemented the Environmental Management System as well as the Occupational Safety Management System. ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification was approved on 25.03.2014 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. The continuity of our operations is ensured by following ISO 31000 guidelines for business risk management.


We understand our customers’ changing needs and requirements, and support the development of our customers’ business operations by providing a wide range of products as well as just-in-time and flexible deliveries.

Our skilled personnel ensures that all promises to the customers are fulfilled.

We develop our operational efficiency and overall profitability by consistently improving processes, products and services. The continuity of our operations is ensured by systematic business risk management.

Safety and welfare of our personnel is essential to us – By risk identification and training we ensure that a safe and healthy work environment is provided for all our employees.

We are aware of the environmental impact of our business operations and take responsibility for reducing the environmental burden by systematic risk management.

We analyse and continuously improve the effectiveness of our management system to ensure it complies with the requirements.


Polarputki Oy is owned by thyssenkrupp Materials Services GmbH (Germany, 50%) and Heléns Rör AB (Sweden, 50%). The latter is owned by Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube.


Board of directors

Chairman Joop Sassen, Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube

Vice-chairman Daniel Wodera, thyssenkrupp Materials Services GmbH

Donya Bollwerk, thyssenkrupp Materials Services GmbH

Eva Täljegård, Helens Rör AB

Ken Ehrnrooth

Executive group

Tapio Ingervo, Managing Director

Kaj Relander, Sales

Tero Ahtiainen, Logistics

Jari Sivula, Purchasing

Lars-Erik Herrgård, Finance