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Polarputki has delivered engineering bars to the Finnish gear manufactures as well as to the mechanical engineering industry and OEMs since the beginning of 1980. We offer sawing, stocking and logistic services as well as technical suppport, special packaging, marine classification services, additionally tailor-made services to each customer’s production process. Our warehouse program includes case hardening, quenching and tempering and structural steels.

Case Hardening steels are used in applications where good wear and fatigue resistance and toughness are required, such as gears and shafts, camshafts and other rolling parts, as well as tools and fasteners

Quenching and tempering steels are used to achieve high yield, tensile and fatigue strength as well as good toughness. Typical applications are strong shafts, large springs, gears, and bolts and nuts.

Structural steels are non-alloy or low-alloy steels. They have good weldability and machinability. Applications include parts for lifting equipment and transport machines as well as various axles.

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